Julienne vegetables seem to be the entire craze in the kitchen nowadays.

Julienne Vegetable Peeler

Julienne vegetables seem to be the entire craze in the kitchen nowadays. You have probably heard or even prepared some julienne zucchini, sushi or some other meals, but have you ever tried to figure out who came up with the genius idea of julienning vegetables?

I didn't think so.

Most of the time, we become so engrossed in daily life activities that we rarely have time to let our imaginations wander. In this edition, I will try to explain the origin of julienne vegetables why you should julienne your vegetables and a few meals you can prepare using your julienne cutter.

That is a lot of explanations to make in one article, so we better get started.

What is a Julienne Cut?

 Julienning or what is commonly referred as the Julienne vegetable peeler involves cutting vegetables into thin slices/strips. Julienning vegetables is very easy especially if you have a spiral vegetable slicer. The resulting food items resemble matchsticks. Unsurprisingly, julienning vegetables is also referred as the matchstick cut.

Many restaurants use julienne vegetables, which is why their servings look incredibly appetizing. Julienning vegetables also gives you a better control over your cooking.
Some of the foods that are commonly julienned include potatoes for julienne fries, carrots and celery. Although you can prepare julienne vegetables using an ordinary kitchen knife, investing in a julienne vegetable cutter makes the work incredibly fast, efficient and impressive.

Why Julienne Vegetables?

1.    Makes it easy to have evenly cooked foods
If you are trying to cook bulky vegetables, there might be chances that the food will not cook evenly, especially on the inner side. However, when you julienne your vegetables, you reduce chances of having half-cooked foods. The thin slices are evenly cooked.

Additionally, when you want to cook some stir fries, julienning vegetables makes them cook really fast and evenly.

2.    Make food look appealing
The julienne cut is used to make food look appealing when it is placed on the plate. This is especially the reason why salads are julienned. When julienned properly food looks appealing when served.

3.    Make your kids eat more
If you have kids, julienning vegetables impresses them and adds to their appetite. Your kids end up eating lots of vegetables throughout the day, which keeps them healthy.

I hope I did a good work at explaining the julienne vegetable craze. If you would like more information on how to julienne specific vegetables head over to YouTube and watch some few videos.