Bones will benefit from having an alkaline body.


Bones are typically sensitive when it comes to changes within the pH levels. Even just a small drop in pH levels could cause bone mineral loss, which can lead to frail bones. Frail bones will fracture much easier, so a healthy pH is vital for healthy bones. Luckily, frail bones can easily be restored with positive lifestyle adjustments.



How to Restore Bones

Anyone who suspects that their bones have weaken because of age should check their pH levels. There is no need to go to the doctor continuously to get this checked. It can conveniently be done from home now. Have the pH strips on hand, use them a couple times per week and track the progress. Since pH balance can weaken the bones, check pH levels routinely and make lifestyle changes. As changes are made, pH levels should balance and bones should get stronger.


Puna PH delivers bundles of pH strips, eliminating the need to visit a doctor's office. Easily get strong bones by making positive changes and tracking pH levels. An alkaline body will keep the bones healthier, lowering the risk of fractures and complications.