Have you bought the Petsafe wireless fence for you, but you have some trouble with it and want to reset it? There are many
different things that can go wrong with the petsafe wireless fence, where you might want to reset the fence. But, knowing where to reset it can be hard. When you know what is wrong with the wireless fence, and you are looking for ways about how you can reset it and correct the fault, then you should read this:

Always remove the collar when you want to reset or troubleshoot the wireless fence

Before you can even consider resetting the wireless fence or when you have some trouble with the fence, you should remove the collar from the dog. The last thing that you want, is the collar to keep shocking him, because of a fault on the wireless fence.

When do you need to reset the petsafe wireless fence?

There are many reasons why you might need to reset the wireless fence. People don’t always realize that the fence isn’t working properly, until it might be too late, and your pet has left the property without any problems. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider resetting the wireless fence, after you removed the dog collar:

  • Signal interference: There is always the possibility that you can have some problems with signal interference. This might cause some discomfort for the dog, when the collar is kept sending him signals that he is about to leave the safe area. When this happens, you should remove the subject that is responsible for the signal interference and reset the wireless fence.
  • Batteries have died: This happens that the batteries of the petsafe wireless fence have died. This can cause the collar not to work anymore. It can result that the pet is going outside the safe zone. When this happens, you need to replace the batteries and reset the wireless fence.
  • Problems with the transmitter of the wireless fence providing some difficulties. When you are struggling to get the transmitter to work properly, and not matter what you are trying to do, it just doesn’t work, then you should consider resetting the fence, using the right method.

Things to consider before you reset the wireless fence

There are a couple of things that you should consider before you should reset the wireless fence. In most cases, when you have batteries that are dying, it is always recommended that you should change the batteries before it completely dies. This can reduce the chance that you need to reset the fence.

When you struggle to get the wireless fence to work properly, or when your dog gets shock when it is in the middle of the property and not close to the fence, then it might be cause of a metal object that is interfering with the transmitter, or it can be in the middle between the transmitter and the fence. When this happens, you should just remove the metal object from the property, or you should move the transmitter to another spot in your home.

Another problem that people might face, that doesn’t need to be reset, is when the color is beeping inside the home when the dog is far from the fence. This can happen when the collar is coming closer than 10 feet to the transmitter. It is important to make sure that the transmitter and the collar are more than 10 feet from each other.

Resetting the Petsafe wireless fence

When you still struggling with the wireless fence and you know that you need to reset the fence, then you should do a couple of steps in order to reset it safely.  There are different ways to reset the wireless fence, the easy way and the longer way. No matter what reset option you are going to choose, remember to remove the collar from the dog.

Easy method of resetting

With the easy way of resetting your Petsafe wireless fence, you are going to reset it in just a couple of steps and it is only going to take a couple of minutes. Remember, that this might not work for everyone, because some problems need to have a more thorough reset.

  1. Remove the batteries from the transmitter and leave the battery door open.
  2. Let the receiver lie in the sun for a while. The time here will depend about the warmth of the sun. You want to ensure that the receiver is getting warm and dry if there is any moisture inside the transmitter.
  3. Insert the batteries again and test it to see if the transmitter and the collar are working properly. There is a way that you can test the transmitter without letting your dog get shock.

If you still don’t get the wireless fence to work, then you should use the more thoroughly reset to hard reset the fence.

Hard reset of the transmitter

This is a much harder process, but most of the time this is the best way to reset your transmitter in case of having a problem with the collar and the transmitter.

  1. Remove the batteries from the receiver and leave the battery door open. With the transmitter, you should, you should remove the power completely.
  2. Leave the transmitter and the receiver for a day in the sun. Make sure that you don’t forget it there overnight.
  3. With the batteries and power off, it will reset when you are inserting it again the next day. You should just make sure that the battery is still in working condition and doesn’t need replacement.
  4. When you have inserted the power back on, you can follow the instructions again of installing the transmitter and the receiver. You have reset it when you withdraw the power for a long time.

Problems you might have with the reset

When you are still having problems and you have tried both the resetting methods, you might want to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the power cord of the transmitter and that the battery in the receiver is fully workable. You might want to replace the battery if you are unsure if the battery is dead or not. Remember, that you should insert the right type of battery, or else the receiver won’t work.

Interference is something that can happen, especially if there is another appliance that is running at the same frequency as the wireless fence. This can cause the fence not to work properly, and this can let the owner think that there is something wrong with the receiver or with the transmitter.

When nothing else works, you might want to contact the nearest Petsafe customer service. They might be able to assist you in your problems with the receiver or the transmitter.

The Petsafe wireless fence is a great way of making sure that your pet is safe in your property and that there is no way that they can be killed by landing underneath a car. However, sometimes you might find that the wireless fence isn’t working properly. And, then you need to reset it.

There are different ways of resetting the wireless fence, but you should make sure that there aren’t any other faults that make the fence not working. For example make sure that the batteries are still in good condition and that there isn’t any interference between the receiver and the transmitter. You should also make sure that you don’t adjust the shock of the receiver too high for your pet. There are normally different settings that you can adjust the setting to make it more comfortable for your pet. And, remember that before you start testing the wireless fence or resetting the fence, that you should remove the collar from your pet. You don’t want to hurt the pet without any reason.