Many people are struggling to keep their dogs in the property without risking them getting hurt in the street. This isn’t always p
ossible, because there are some properties that don’t have a fence, or the dogs can crawl underneath the fence or jump over. However, the invisible dog fence can come to everyone’s rescue.

But, before you can see the importance of having this fence at your property, you need to know how it is really working. Then, you will understand why this is a working method of keeping your dogs in your property and not worry about the dogs being run over by vehicles in the street. These are some information that you need to know about the invisible dog fence and how it really works:

What is the invisible dog fence really?

Before you can know how the invisible dog fence is really working, you need to know what this fence really is. If you never have heard about the invisible dog fence, you might not really understand how an invisible fence is going to keep your dogs inside your property.

With the modern technology, it is possible to create radio signals around your property that is going to prevent the dog from exiting the property. The dog feels the fence through the collar that the dog is wearing.

Features of this type of dog fence

Because of the variety of different invisible dog fences that you can purchase, it can be hard to know the different features. Some features are essential to have.

With some of this invisible fence, you need to dig a hole and insert a wire through the ground all around the property. If you want to purchase the best dog fence, you don’t need to dig anything. Everything is wireless and easy to set up. The other features that you should look for, is if the collar is waterproof. If not, it can lead to the dog getting shocked unnecessary and it can mess up the whole system.

You can also look for the option that the collar is sending a warning sign before it is going to receive the static correction or shock. Not everyone likes the idea of the dog getting shock without any warnings.

What is static correction?

It is important to know what the static correction really is. Many people think that this is something that is going to hurt the dog and that can even kill them. But, this isn’t the truth.

When the dog is getting near the invisible fence, the collar that he is wearing is going to make warning signs. This is to warn the dog that the static correction is going to follow. The static correction is just a small amount of shock that the dog can feel, but that won’t hurt him. On most of these collars, you can adjust the amount of shock that the dog will experience. Making it great to use on large or small dogs. And, you can make sure that your dog stays within your property without causing any pain.

Most dog lovers are worried about the pain that the dog feels, but in reality, it isn’t really pain, just a sensation that they don’t like. And, rather feeling this sensation and having a dog that is safe in your property than a dog that died because of being run over by a car.

Now that you know what an invisible dog fence really is, you might wonder how this is actually working:

How does the fence really work?

Depending what type of invisible dog fence you are purchasing, it will work on different ways.

For the system that is using the wire:

When you have purchased the invisible dog fence with the wire, it is working like this: You are buried the wire underground all around your property or the areas that you don’t want the dog to go out from. The wire is going to ensure that the dog doesn’t leave the property.

Then, the transmitter is going to plug into an outlet in the home. This is going to send a signal to the wire that you have buried. Making an invisible fence. The collar has a receiver on that is going to make a sound when the dog is getting close to the wire. And, if the dog doesn’t respond in time, it is going to send off a static correction, or a small shock that will make the dog aware that he is about to go to an area that he isn’t allowed at. Over time, the dog is going to learn that the moment that the warning sign is bleeping, that he should get away or else he is going to feel the static correction.  This ensures that the dog doesn’t leave the property.

The system that doesn’t use a wire

With the system that doesn’t use the wire, and that is known as the wireless invisible dog fence, you don’t need to burry any wire underground.

System is working on the same principle but, with the difference that the system is working wireless. Making the whole process a lot easier and faster. This is more economical and practical than with the one that you need to bury the wire before you can get it to work properly.

The importance of purchasing the high quality invisible dog fence

With the knowledge that you know how this invisible fence is working, you might still wonder why it is important to consider this type of dog fence at your property. With this information, you will see that even if you have a fence, this might be a great thing to have, if you have large or even small dogs. These are some reasons why you should consider this fence:

  • You won’t need to worry about your dogs jumping over the fence and run away when you are at work. Dogs have a way of getting out of a normal fence, when you are taking too long to return home. With the fence, you don’t need to worry that your dogs are going to be missing when you arrive from a day at the office.
  • If you don’t have a fence, you will know how impossible it can be to let your dogs out, without them running out to the street. And, if you are living in a busy street, you will always need to watch your dogs so that they don’t get run over. With the invisible fence, you don’t need to keep an eye on your dogs when you are letting them out. You can even go to work, with them playing outside without the risk of getting run over or for them getting lost.
  • It is much more affordable than to install a fence or to make your existing fence higher. This will save you money, and if you are moving, you can just take the invisible fence with you.

It is getting popular for people to purchase the invisible dog fence for their dogs. This is to make sure that even if there is no fence, that the dogs can’t get out of the property and get lost. But, there are some that still doesn’t know how this type of fence is working, because this sounds really impossible. With this information, you will be able to know as much about the invisible dog fence as possible, and this will make it easier to understand how the  works. Just one thing that you should remember when you are considering purchasing this dog fence. You should be careful not to buy this fence just at any online store. You should make sure that you are purchasing the high quality invisible dog fence at an authenticated online store.