What is Dashing Puna Inc?

About Us


Life is not supposed to be filled with multiple, extra little hassles!

If you are looking for specialized, quality services with an aptitude, then your search is over!

Puna Inc. was founded and developed by this amazing Pennsylvania mother of three, and small business owner, Bianca! This unique company, the baby of Bianca, is devoted to assisting every household in a healthier lifestyle. She is a devoted mother, and has the backing of her entire family behind her and Puna Inc.

This company produces unique household gadgets. They are most useful in any kitchen, turning life’s little chores into a fairy tale. And there is also a story behind this magnificent company.

Puna Inc. is a way for Bianca to offer people new, exciting, quick and easy ways to get around many of our small daily activities. Bianca loves to offer her unique talents to other people and via Puna Inc. she and her family can.

So, what is this talent you may ask? She turns unhealthy habits into healthy ones without losing their charm. Live the lifestyle you just can’t be without, and eat the foods you crave with assistance from Puna Inc.’s healthy alternatives!

Bianca attributes her wondrous product ideas to her talents or gifts, received from God. This does not mean there is no trials and error, as this is an intricate part of any business, but her products are all of her own initiatives, with help from the Creator.

Life’s journey brings us multiple changes. However, with Puna Inc. you will find inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle, without giving up any of the satisfaction. Bianca shares her own personal experiences, and her journey to fitness under God’s wing.

Here you will find honesty, with hands-on solutions to life’s little hic-ups. Enjoy the dedication that goes into each product, the service and blessings Puna Inc., Bianca and her family has to offer. Start your journey to a fun filled, happy and healthy life, with Puna Inc.!