Fogo Micro Butane Torch Jet Lighter

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The Reliable Micro Butane Torch Is here!

Need a butane torch? Get Fogo Micro Butane Torch. It is small in size but big in performance. Perfect little butane torch that has many different applications. Fogo Micro Butane torch has a powerful flame and a flame adjuster. Adjust the size of the flame as per your need. Damp it down to use as a cigar lighter or turn it up to create a big flame ready to melt through most common metals. Use it to caramelize the top of the desserts or weld a leaky pipe together. This tiny power house of a butane torch will handle it all with just the turn of a lever. Excellent build quality and a compact size of just 6”X4”X1” (LxWxH) make it a must have butane torch.

Get Those Hands Free

Fogo micro butane torch comes with a detachable stand. Put it on the table for hands free jobs or remove the stand and hold it in your hand. It is light weight, just 4.2 ounces, no strain on your wrists too! This micro butane torch comes with a flame lock. Flick of a thumb and the flame lock is on. It really is hands free.

The reliable Micro Butane Torch Is here!

Butane Torch with radiant light and perfect flames!

 THE ASTONIHSING MICRO BUTANE TORCH, is made from the most superior light-weight materials. Providing you with an ultra-soft, unique grip that promises No slipping.

RADIANT LIGHTING WITH FLAWLESS FLAMES! Added to your ideal torch with ecstatic light, is a Butane flame that can be adjusted according to your personal needs.

REPAIR, MEND OR COOK WITH YOUR BUTANE TORCH. The possibilities with this small, but exceptional product is endless. Even soldering, plastic binding or cooking can be done with ease.

WINDPROOF FLAMES FOR PRACTICALITY! Even when working outdoors, this splendid micro butane torch can get the job done. Whether it’s soldering water pipes or lighting the fire.

QUALITY GUARANTEED SATISFACTION! Switch between functions as is desired, or utilize the stay-on switch. Re-fill with standard butane gas. 24/7 Support always available.

Work Longer Work Harder

Once ignited, this little wonder gives a reliable, windproof flame. A big gas tank keeps the flame burning a long time. Refill it with a standard butane bottle. Burn on and never worry about running out of gas. The 45o angle neck is perfect for a number of tasks. Use it for:

  • Light welding
  • soldering
  • Brazing
  • Making jewellery
  • Hobby and crafts
  • Model making
  • Lighting up a bon fire or the barbeque

Need some sizzle for a party? How about setting the food alight! Add some colour and heat to the desserts, use the micro butane torch to bring out the best in your cooking.

Features of Fogo Micro Butane Torch

  • Light weight
  • Large gas tank
  • Hands Free
  • Flame Lock
  • 45o angled neck
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Can be refilled easily with any standard butane can

So what are we waiting for? Get Fogo Micro Butane Torch and get working. You will never run out of uses for this little torch. It will be your favorite fire maker.

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