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Restore Your Body’s Ph Balance

If your body has a higher than normal pH balance, it’s going to cause numerous problems for your health. Now it’s easier to track your pH balance. You can do it right from home. With the simplicity of using the pH test strips, you can get accurate results. All you need to test with is urine or saliva. You don’t have to guess if you got a normal reading. There will be a color chart showing which is normal and what’s not. It’s an easy, fast, and efficient option to have on hand.


Convenience is Key

Who has time to go to the doctor’s to get a result each time? Whether you are trying to track your pH for a medical reason, or you’re curious about your levels, this is for you. If you’re body is acidic, it’s recommended to take an alkaline supplement. Your body works hard over night, trying to process the acid that has been in your body all day. The first morning urine would be the most accurate reading. The strips are convenient as you can just grab one and test. With 100 in a pack, you will be able to test as often as you need.


Top 5 Health Issues That Can Arise From Being Acidic

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Mental Functioning
  • Obesity


What are pH strips

pH strips are filter paper impregnated with an indicator or a mixture of indicators. The paper is dried, cut in convenient size, and then packed into a suitable package.To use pH test paper are by far the simplest way to measure pH.

How to understand the results:

Discover the pH of your urine or saliva with our super accurate pH test strips. Made specifically to test saliva and urine these are by far the most accurate and economical test strips on the market. pH testing strips give you the ability to test your urine or saliva each day to gauge your internal health. This enables you to adjust your diet and supplements to achieve the optimum balance for health and peace of mind.

Why test with pH test strips?

It is recommended to maintain a healthy pH level to get maximum energy out of the food you eat and to prevent chronic disease. Experts say a healthy person's pH level of their body fluids should be between 7.1 and 7.5. By assessing your pH with a pH Test Strip it gives an early indication if you need to change your diet. These handy pH Test Strips allow you to check on your pH level by either dipping the stick into the urine stream or saliva. With their dual pad, they are super accurate.


Safety Information

This is not a medicine, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always consult a trained health professional, especially before making any changes to a diet.


SALIVA: Wait 2 hours after eating & drinking. Do not rinse your mouth. Spit saliva into a spoon, dip the PunaHealth pH Strip into the fluid until both pads on the test strip are sufficiently covered with liquid; wait 15 seconds before reading your pH. URINE: Test the first and second urine of the day and record the average reading. To test, briefly place the PunaHealth pH strip in the urine - mid-stream, then shake off any excess fluid and wait 15 seconds before reading your pH. For saliva as well as urine: Wait 15 seconds before reading the results. The colour of the indicator pads may change further after that, but the most accurate reading is taken after 15 seconds. Compare the colour of both pads against the indicator chart on the packaging.


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